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This is one on one. So just reply or send new. You're good.
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We are doing one to one private now. You're good.
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I try so hard. I'm one person. I have a few guaranteed helpers every year. But it only gies so far. I soo so wish I cld fill everyone I am happy for the tag k you'd. And it leave a me feeling sad for the ones I couldn't help. I know every year ther are those I can't help. Ya know. But you're on the list girlie. Don't thank me pls. I have to see where I'm at. And the list is large now. Just send me. Age and boy girl. And age boy girl wtc. And I'll document it. And I sure hope we can do it for you. And pls don't be upset if we can't for any reason. Bit I will let you know yes. No. Either eat. I wld never mislead anyone. Ok.
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